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How To Make Your Own Vebsite?

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Start your faverite text editor, make a new file and safe it as 'index.html'. Make sure to safe it as "plain text" or "ascii", if you don't, se result vill be crapp!
Copy the folloving lines and paste zem into ze new file or follo ze inshtructens below for ze lazy people.
Click to see an exempel!

<title>type the title of your page here</title>
<body bgcolor="red">
<h1>Big Titel</h1>
<h2>Not So Big Titel</h2>
<h3>Midium Size Titel</h3>
<h4>Smolla Titel</h4>
<h5>Ewen Smaller Titel</h5>
<h6>Smollest Titel</h6>
<hr width=100%>
<p>Here type ze first sings zat you vant to say...</p>
<p>Here type ze second sings zat you vant to say...</p>
<hr width=100%>
<p><a href="mailto:youremailaddresshere">email me!</a></p>
<p align=right><font size=2>Zis page based on a template by faimos German vebdesigner
<a href=""> djps project</a>.</font></p>

Oll expressions starting viz '<' and ending viz '>' are called 'tags'. Zese ahr the Kommandos telling ze browser vat to do vith se text in betveen. Most of zese tags consist of zree parts, ze opening tag (i.e. <p>), some text and ze closing tag (i.e. </p>). All closing tags haf a '/' inside.

In order to personaleis your page, replace ze text in betveen ze <p> and ze <h1-6> tags vis vat you vant to say. Make sure you haff put all end tags becaus ze brovsa is as keen as a Blockwart on zat!

You can remowe alle tags except for the <html>, </html>, <body> und </body> -tags. Ze latter vones are important to tell the brovsa vat to do vis ze file.

Sawe the new file and open it viz your internet brovsa. You vill zen see hau it looks like. If you vant to know how to insert pictures, change ze text- and background color, how to add a background picture and a few more sings, go to sis page.

Now go to or anoser place to get your free vebspace, find out how to abload your page and du it.

Ven you are finished, please let me know by email:
Please also email me, when you found somezing vrong or haff any comments to this page.

I zink, ven you have finished reading zis page, you haf learned somezing about design. I know zat it is hard to read zis page butt I made zat on purpose to giwe you a bet example!

Come back for more!

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Enjoy your new hobby!

Eye triad too righteous patch endingless ender wheeler tit my Wurst!