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La Strada

La Strada Gelsomina is sold to Zampano because her mother has no money. From now on, both travel around Italy and make their living with a little show of Zampano. But Zampano treats Gelsomina like a piece of shit.

The desaster comes automatically: One day, Gelsomina leaves Zampano and is gone. Only now Zampano realises what he feels for her - too late!

The poetic style of "La Strada" was the farewell to Italian after-war neorealism. It was the basis for Fellini's carreer. And even today, the simple melody of the trumpet will move people to tears.

By Frederico Fellini, with Richard Basehart (Il Matto), Gustavo Giorgi, Yami Kamadeva, Giulietta Masina (Gelsomina), Mario Passante, Anna Primula, Anthony Quinn (Zampano), Marcella Rovena (La Vedova), Aldo Silvani (Colombaio), Livia Venturini (La Suora)

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